Monday, June 16, 2008

Call for aspiring fashion illustrators at BravoTV

I see that Project Runway is going to be starting a new series on Bravo TV in July! YIPEEEEEEE!
I can't wait.

Are there any other Christian Siriano fans out there? In case you didn't watch the last season, he was the winner and quite a fun guy. There is a new article about Christian and his recent activities in the latest July issue of Elle magazine (US edition).

There is also an opportunity on the bravotv website for aspiring illustrators to display their work. Here's how it works. You go the website and retrieve some line drawings by Daniel, a former project runway contestant, and decorate them according to your own taste, then re-submit them. Sounds like fun! There are several sketches to choose from, but I have included one example here.
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