Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hand Knitted Converse Chuck Taylors

I can't believe how popular Chuck Taylors have become. I can remember wearing them as a child in the sixties, with my Levis Jeans. Back then, we didn't have so many choices. Converse and Keds were about the only choices, and they didn't have nearly as many color choices back then. As I remember, you could be a bit daring if you were a girl wearing chucks, because back then they were mostly considered a boy's shoe. I bought a copy of the latest Craftzine magazine the other day, partly because they had some great ideas for how to make your own, customized Chuck Taylors. One was a hand-knitted version that I am thinking about trying this weekend. I found a picture of some shoes on a Japanese street fashion site that look like they could have been had-knitted. Maybe I'll try to make something like these!
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