Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jerell wins on Project Runway

Last night Jerell designed the winning outfit on Project Runway. The assignment was to design an avant-garde outfit that represents an astrological sign. I can't remember what sign his outfit was supposed to represent and I can't even guess from looking at it. The winning design is shown above - the one with the long hounds-tooth skirt. It looks Edwardian without the huge flamboyant hat. I like the outfit, but I probably would not have chosen it as the winner. If it were up to me, I would probably have picked Leeann's design, the one with the black hood that draps down and around the dress. It was intended to represent the sign of scorpio. Two people were eliminated from the show - Blayne and Terri. I am a bit sorry to see both of them go. I liked some of the pantsuits that Terri designed on earlier episodes, even though she did not win. Blayne had a fun and lively personality, which I will miss. He designed a very strange outfit that looked like a one-sided clown participating in S&M. He said it was supposed to represent libra, but an unbalanced scale. What was he thinking?
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