Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More of my personal style

I've been in the mood to knit lately, but I don't always feel like the traditional designs are really "me." Here is a sweater that I knitted recently, from a pattern in the "Stitch and Bitch Nation" book by Debbie Stoller. I'm almost finished with a black and white sweater that has a silhouette of a face on it, kind of like a lot of t-shirts you see now.

Yesterday I posted a picture of myself and showed a bit of what I was wearing. I got busy taking more pictures yesterday, and thought that I would show a bit more about my style.

I'm one of these people who regularly gets acrylic nails, and I love to have them done in different colors every couple of weeks. Right now, I happen to be wearing a fancy, handpainted design. I like it so much that I'm already starting to think about a design for the next time.

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