Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm excited about the Twilight movie

I'm looking forward to seeing the Twilight movie this weekend. I have read the entire book series and it was so good i could hardly put it down. It will be interesting to see if the characters look at all like I had imagined. The vampires are supposed to be realy good looking. According to the story, it is to attact their human prey. In the previews, I have seen plenty of pictures of Edward, but none of Jacob, who is a competing love interest in the book. I'm wondering if his role has been diminished for the movie version. Usually I'm disappointed in the movie if I've read the book. For example, I was realy disappointed in the movie Eragon, which was quite different from the book. On the other hand, the Harry Potter movies seemed to do a good job of capturing the characters pretty much as I imagined them.
Since this is a fashion blog, I would like to make a prediction. I predict that vampire hair and makeup will be big in the next few months. You read it here first!
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