Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looks like a great deal on www.directsattv.com!

This is not directly about art or fashion but I happened to notice that there are some great offers at www.directsattv.com. There are many different plans, but they are now offering over 130 HD channels for $23 off per month for a whole year.

Currently, I have Time Warner Cable and since it is the only cable service available in my area, I have never really taken the time to compare it with other providers.

The website seems very informative. If you go to http://www.directsattv.com/directtv/comparecable.html, you can put in your current cable company and they will compare what you are currently getting with what you could get through Direct Sat TV (an authorized provider or Directv).

I went to http://www.directsattv.com/directtv/directtv_vs_timewarner.html and they gave very detailed information about the differences. It looks like I can get a lot more channels for the price I am currently paying Time Warner cable.

This website makes it very easy to compare your current service with Direct Sat TV, and it looks like they can beat out most of the competitors!
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