Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fake Interview with "Andy Warhol's Ghost"

Liz: Andy, thanks for meeting with me today. How are you doing?
Andy: Good.
Liz: I am really excited and honored to meet you! I would like to ask you some questions about fashion and fashion illustration.
Andy: OK
Liz: Recently, on your 80th birthdqay, Marc Jacobs played you in a photo shoot for Interview magazine (June/July 2008,
How do you feel about the choice of Marc Jacobs to portray you.
Andy: Oh, I was really flattered that they chose Marc. He's one of the most consistently innovative and successful fashion designers today. I always used to say that the best art is business art, and Marc Jacobs has certainly fit that description.
Liz: What do you mean?
Andy: I mean that there's nothing wrong with an artist embracing corporate techniques to market their work.
Liz: Some people even thought that Marc looked a little like you in the photos.
Andy: Um...Do you think so?
Liz: Actually, I think they tried to make the photos more inspired by your style than trying to do a perfect impersonation. It probably became a lot more interesting that way.
Andy: Really? I suppose that's right.
Liz: Who are some of your favorite fashion illusrators?
Andy: Oh, I love David Downton, Ruben Toledo, Sara Singh, and, oh, Megan Hess.
Liz: You did some wonderful fashion illustrations in the early days of your career. Which ones were your favorites?
Andy: Oh, I've always liked the shoe drawings the best.
Liz: Did you know that the Carnegie Museum is now called the Warhol Museum, and is the largest museum dedicated to a single American artist?
Andy: No
Liz: Thanks, Andy. It's been great talking to you today.

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