Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lillian Bassman fashion photography

Recently, there has been a lot of renewed interest in the fashion photography of Lillian Bassman. In the early 70's, she was considered to be one of the most important fashion photographers of the 20th century. However, she became disillusioned with the costuming of the late 1960s, and destroyed decades' worth of her negatives.

Now 92, Ms. Bassman is back. Having discovered Photoshop, she has managed to retrieve some images from her earlier work, and has reprinted them in creative new ways. Her phots remind me of the fashions that you see associated with the "Mad Men" TV show.

Ms. Bassman took her most significant photos in the late 40s to the early 60s, and most were published in Harper's Bazaar. For more information, see the following article in the New York Times.

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