Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to customize a store-bought wig

The wig I'm currently wearing is called the "Becky" wig from the Estetica wig company. First, I have found it to be worthwhile to shop for different prices on the internet. When it comes to wigs, I have found that price is not always that closely related to quality. When I searched for this particular wig in the internet, prices from a number of reputable companies varied between $80 and $120. Of course I bought the one that was on sale for about $80 plus shipping and handling.

As soon as you get the wig, check to make sure it is the right color before you remove it from the box or bag. It is difficult to return a wig after it has been removed from the box and tried on.

If the color is good, then try on the wig to check to see how it looks. Try not to get too discouraged if it looks a little strange at first. Part of this is just that you haven't had a chance to get used to it yet. I would recommend wearing it around the house a few times before you wear it someplace important. This will give you time to get used to it and make necessary adjustments.I am usually not completely happy with the style when the wig first comes out of the box. Usually it looks better if it is trimmed a bit to fit your head and face.

When I first tried on this Becky wig, the bangs were too thick for my face. I have a short forehead and I only wear light, fringy bangs. You can hire a hairstylist to do the trim. I usually do my own trim, but I usually feel comfortable doing this myself. You might also try to get a trusted friend who will give you honest feedback. Most wigs are pretty thick all over, and probably look more natural if thinned out a bit.

The other thing I do is sew a few toupee clips to the inside of the wig. You can buy these at almost any wig store. I sew a few in my wig and try it out for a day or two. I often end up re-positioning them after wearing the wig a few times. With this Becky wig, I first placed the clips on the sides of my forehead, and the wig kept sliding back too far on my forehead, and exposing too much of my hairline.I hope that this advice is helpful.

Oh, and one more thing. Almost all wig companies say that their wigs are comfortable, but I have found the stretch cap from Estetica to be more comfortable than some of the other brands I have worn.

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