Thursday, December 17, 2009

Loved Adam Lambert's Style

Last night I watched the finale of Season 6 of "So You Think You Can Dance." I actually was only half watching because I was also surfing the internet and only paid attention to certain parts of the show. First, I must say congratulations to Russell Ferguson, who won for best /most popular dancer of the season. I had a feeling that he was going to win, because he seemed to have consistently great performances. However, as a fan of fashion, my favorite fashionista(o) was definitely Adam Lambert, who performed his song "Whadaya Want from Me" from his recently released album. To begin with, this guy is just extremely good looking. I loved his black pompadour hairstyle and his heavily made up eyes. As always, he was wearing his signature black fingerless gloves and black nail polish. He was a slim light gray suit with narrow tie that looked better than anyone should ever look in a suit. I want one now! Anyway, the trousers were very slim fitting and showed off his black shoes with white spats. Having said this, I hope he doesn't turn into a male version of Lady Gaga, which I think is a possibility. I have heard that they have recorded at least one song together. I love Lady Gaga, but anyone who tries too hard to copy her would just seem like a poseur in my opinion. Anyway, Adam if you're reading this (yeah right!) keep up the great style and original performances.

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