Thursday, December 3, 2009

New York Times says fashion illustration making a comeback (sort of)

In an article by Ruth LaFerla called "What s Lens Can't Capture," there is a quote from Robert A. Richards that says "Illustration is suddenly blossoming a little." Richards is the curator of "The Line of Fashion," an exhibition of fashion drawings last spring at the Society of Illustrators in Manhatten.

The main point of the article is that fashion illustrations can project a certain energy and style that may not be captured in a photograph. Laird Borrelli, the author of "Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers" adds that " illustrator can capture its poetry, document its mood or energy - those are subtle things that evoke something more than mere attendance."

Several popular fashion illustrators are mentioned in the article. Blue Logan, whose playing card illustrations have been widely coveted is appearing this week at the Art Basel show in Miami Beach. There is also a picture of Danny Roberts' popular drawing of the "Chanel Girls." Also mentioned are Laura Laine, a Finnish illustrator and Richard Haynes, who illustrates for In Style magazine and J. Crew.

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